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Teeny Tinies is an easy learning game released in May 2013.

It features bright colours and fun sounds on a simplistic interface. No in-game purchases and no disruptions to play. Available in the App Store and Google Play May 2013.
The aim of the game is to eject 50 Teeny Tinies out of a dispenser. Collect 3 rewards to eject 1 Teeny Tiny.

The game environment is made up of Music, Numbers and Costume areas where toddlers learn musical notes, alphabet, counting, colours, creativity and how to spot the

All of the areas are easily accessible by tapping the buttons at the side of screen. If a player gets lost, they tap on Jen in the top right for instructions. The game can be reset by tapping 3 corners.

Teeny Tinies is made to challenge toddlers in a fun environment so they don’t get frustrated. This game is fully interactive and everything makes a noise when tapped.
In the Music Area, toddlers are encouraged to play back tunes. Notes are sung from A – G, so players can learn a partial alphabet as well as musical notes. In the Numeracy Area, players are rewarded for counting in succession up to 12. They can get to know their colours here too.

The Costume Area contains over 100 combinations. This is the creativity space where toddlers are encouraged to pick similarities and match costume pieces like a puzzle.

Although toddlers are encouraged to play the game with a reward system, they can just as well aimlessly explore the environment and learn at their own pace. The game is designed the game to suit toddlers aged 2 – 4 with no knowledge required to play.

 Teeny Tinies Testimonials

“My son (2) has hundreds of apps, but this is the one he plays over and over again.”
– Siah, Mum

“Early literacy and numeracy are always good things to sneak in. Lots of colour and music is good, too!”
– Teighan, Primary School Teacher

“My two year old son simply LOVES this app. There are loads of bright and shiny apps out there for this age group but “Teeny Tinies” rises above the rest. I have never seen my son’s eyes light up the way they do when he interacts with the characters nor have I witnessed him pay such close attention to an app before – educational or not. I was also blown away at how quickly he got it too. The funniest/cutest part was when he saw the little purple monsters drop down from the chute. He got so excited when they started to follow his finger and he broke into the giggles when one of them nibbled his finger. He promptly put his hand on his chest and said “Hello, I’m Harrison” and tried showing it his toys before he started chatting away at it like they were best friends. My son really connected with your little characters. Well done. I strongly urge any one who is reading this to consider buying this app. You won’t regret it.”
– Andy, Dad

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